An earthquake of magnitude 4.8 struck Pakistan's capital Islamabad.
CA forecast for Thursday, December 30, 2021
Pakistan News: ISLAMABAD: According to police in Islamabad, Pakistan, up to 32 cases of harassment by journalists have been filed in one year.
New Delhi : Un haut responsable du Pentagone a informé que le Pakistan continue de donner aux États-Unis l'accès à son espace aérien et que les deux parties parlent également de maintenir cet accès ouvert, a rapporté Dawn....
Les images montrent que la plupart des personnes présentes ont continué à prier tandis que d'autres regardent autour d'elles avec panique
Working on a movie in the Saw franchise is a unique experience. Although the newest entry, Spiral: From The Book of Saw, has nothing to do with the other episodes, the filmmakers are still going through a...
Pakistan News: ISLAMABD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday urged the people of Pakistan to strictly adhere to Covid-19 guidelines, warning that another lockdown could occur.
After a year of scientists trying to understand Covid-19 and developing treatments and vaccines to stop its spread, the Cleveland Clinic is partnering with IBM to use next-generation technology to advance health research - and possibly prevent the next public health crisis.
So far, the Pakistani government has avoided a nationwide lockdown to protect the country's ailing economy from further damage.