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. . Bournemouth were at the top of the championship table for at least 24 hours, at least after a goalless draw against other high-flyers Swansea at Liberty Stadium.
. . Evenings like this, teams are required to show their tickets and Bournemouth has shown its worth in a big way by leading the Sky Bet Championship with a 4-0 win. On the back of
. . BOSS Jason Tindall insisted Joshua King had to "work extremely hard" to get fit and fight for a place on the Cherries team.
. . Freddie Ladapo's doubles bring Rotherham some of the loot in an entertaining clash with Bournemouth.
. . Cherries head to Rotherham United this afternoon looking for a fourth straight win.
Wayne Rooney is due to resume training in Derby County on Friday after self-isolating after making contact with a friend who tested positive for coronavirus Phillip, Derby County Director
JASON Tindall thinks Watford will be "delighted" to have kept a hold of some of his main cast as they seek an immediate return to…