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IF THERE was any reason to stop a charade of legal proceedings, then the trial against Julian Assange would have to be the standard ...
. . According to unconfirmed reports, US President Donald Trump will apologize to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange a few days before leaving the White House.
. . A rumor that President Donald Trump wants to pardon Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who is currently being extradited to the US on criminal charges that would get him out of the way for life, has sparked social media with cheers and ridicule.
. MODEL and actress Pamela Anderson posted a photo of themselves in a bikini and asked outgoing President Donald Trump on Monday afternoon to apologize for their rumored ex-lover, Wikileaks founder Julian As.
. . Actress Pamela Anderson makes one final attempt to get Julian Assange out of jail and she did it with a bikini and asked President Trump to apologize for her sidekick on a Twitter post.
The world is on the edge waiting to see President Donald Trump spend his final weeks at the White House and now that he's pardoned Mike Flynn,
. . It is the first announcement of a tour of Australia's stadium since the borders were closed earlier this year. a
Three prisoners are understood to have tested positive for the virus in Belmarsh, in southeast London