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Johnny's Jr. will take the place of the stage "Ryogoku Hananishiki", which was scheduled to star in Kentaro Ito (23), who was arrested and released on suspicion of violating the Road Traffic Act (hit and run).Yoshitaka Hara (25) will serve ... (November 11, 2020, 18:00:53)
Hitomi Kuroki, Kentaro Ito, Ayaka Miyoshi, Leading actor World news --JP- ORICON NEWS: The movie starring Kentaro Ito has been released. Director Hitomi Kuroki is relieved "Completed with the support of everyone" --Mainichi Shimbunja ...
Related title : - Originally obtained! Kentaro Ito's" Moment of Persuasion "Video ... The psychological changes after hit-and-run can be read - Kentaro Ito, feelings of giving up if he can't escape? A traffic...
While driving a passenger car, he was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on October 29 for violating the Car Driving Penalty Law and the Road Traffic Act (hit and run) for colliding with a motorcycle and leaving them with serious and minor injuries, and was released on the 30th. Actor Kentaro Ito (23)ja
The movie "The Devil in Twelve Single Clothes" starring Kentaro Ito, who was arrested on September 20 for violating the Road Traffic Act (hit and run) and released on the same 30th, was released in November as originally planned.…
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