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La Fin d’Airbnb à New York

Thousands of Airbnbs and other short-term rentals are expected to disappear from rental platforms as New York City begins enforcing tight restrictions.

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Voici la quantité de pluie tombée à Winnipeg lors de la tempête de mardi.

A thunderstorm touched down in southern Manitoba on Tuesday, bringing heavy rain and strong winds throughout Winnipeg and southern Manitoba.

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Une nouvelle loi permet aux frais mensuels de remplacer les dépôts de garantie. Les critiques disent que les locataires devraient être prudents.

A new Florida law is aimed to protect tenants who are offered an option to pay monthly fees instead of an up-front security...

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CM – WeWork will go public through a SPAC deal two years after the failed IPO

The shared office company will go public, completing a listing that included the implosion of its IPO in 2019.

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CM – Tax increases for stamp duty and property tax expected

Planned increases in stamp duty and property tax in the upcoming Victorian state budget have raised concerns about the affordability of housing in...

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CM – The New York eviction moratorium was extended to the end of August

Legislators say the expansion will help protect tenants and homeowners who are facing economic hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.