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As Dianne Feinstein, 90, struggles to function in the Senate, a dispute within her family over control of her late husband’s estate is another difficult chapter at the end of a long career.
Westpac has joined its four major banking competitors in reducing its exposure to life insurance and has agreed to sell its death, illness and disability division to Japan's TAL.
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. . Australians spend more than $ 4. 1b per year of their super for insurance, says APRA, but the value for money can be very good and bad.
. . Aviva PLC announced on Monday that it had sold its Italian life insurance joint venture Aviva Vita SpA to the UBI Banca banking group for € 400 million. 2. . .
La crise Covid-19 a plongé la France dans un climat morose, ponctué d'incertitudes économiques De nombreux secteurs ont été impactés, tandis qu'en termes d'épargne, de nombreux investissements financiers ont subi de fortes sorties