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TV Fanatic chatted with Brec Bassinger about her leading role in V.C. Andrews' Dawn, working with multi-generational icons, and much more. Check it out!
Chat with Donna Mills for even a few moments, and you’ll ask yourself, “Why is this charming, funny, lovely woman always cast as a vicious, mean, manipulative shrew?” The answer, …
Keyshia Cole stuns at the world premiere screening of her upcoming biopic 'This Is My Story' at The Grammy Museum in LA
The Queen of Hip Hop Soul has two new Lifetime Original Movies set to premiere this month and based on her songs
The Lifetime documentary ‘TLC, Forever’ premieres Saturday (June 3) at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
The girl group, who enjoyed huge success in the 1990s, winning Grammys while selling millions of albums, discuss the highs and lows of their musical journey.