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Footage from a Team USA practice shows former Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook trash-talking Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.
Two days after it was reported that the Philadelphia 76ers ended trade talks involving unhappy star James Harden, the 10-time All-Star guard ripped 76ers president Daryl Morey.
Trade talks between Philadelphia and the Clippers have clearly been stagnant.
NBA — Comme lors de la dernière "trade deadline", Memphis souhaite se renforcer à l'aile et pourrait proposer quelques tours de Draft afin d'y parvenir…
Tyus Jones transféré des Grizzlies aux Wizards, une belle opportunité pour "le remplaçant de Ja Morant" de montrer tous ses skills.
The Memphis Grizzlies have been floated as a possible landing spot for the 38-year-old. However, according to NBA insider Zach Lowe of ESPN, Paul does not seem amenable to potentially teaming up wi…