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. . “These irresponsible idiots have to look in the mirror. . . You are the problem. . . You don't have the right to endanger public health, "said Mike Farnworth.
. . The Vancouver Canucks have apparently severed ties with longtime anthem singer Mark Donnelly after planning to sing at an anti-mask rally. For the Vancouv. . .
. . It appears that the Vancouver Canucks cut ties with anthem singer Mark Donnelly over his plan to sing at a rally to protest COVID-19 restrictions.
. . Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini took to Twitter Friday in response to media reports the Canucks anthem singer would perform at the rally.
. . The Vancouver Canucks have split from the team's anthem singer Mark Donnelly after confirming he will sing at' O Canada 'tomorrow at a rally in downtown Vancouver to crack down on COVID Protest -19...