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Leading chip maker Intel has stressed that building Metaverse - on a large scale and accessible in real time to billions of people - will require a 1,000-fold increase
AMD fait partie des entreprises sur le point d'éclipser les 200 milliards de dollars de valeur marchande.
Known as the Facebook Papers, the documents were published by whistleblower Frances Haugen's legal department and made available to Congress and the Securities and Exchange Commission.
A liberal non-profit group says the US government should bring criminal charges against Facebook&'s Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg.
Le pari de Mark Zuckerberg sur un nouveau nom et le métavers réussira-t-il ?
L'organisation à but non lucratif souhaite que les autorités fédérales enquêtent pour savoir si les principaux dirigeants de Meta (anciennement Facebook) ont enfreint la loi.
If Facebook watchers weren't exactly impressed with Meta, the name change has at least given us a new set of memes.
A name change can be a signal to the market, competitors and advertisers that the focus and portfolio of a company is shifting further, even if the product of the same name retains the same title.