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◆ Pacific League Seibu-Nippon-Ham (MetLife Dome, 4th) Nippon-Ham's pitcher Kosei Yoshida (19) was swallowed up by the Seibu line aiming to advance to the climax series (CS) in 2nd place, and was the worst of his own. KOed with 8 runs in the 2nd inningja
Kenshi Sugiya, Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, Saitama Seibu Lions, Pacific League, MetLife Dome World news --JP --Recover even if you make a mistake Ham Sugiya & Seibu Kimura's "Revenge" video is flooded with praise "Appare!"...
"Sometimes I feel a little distance in the star-like aura ..." ■ Seibu CSSENDCHAR # 8211; Nippon-Ham (MetLife) Nippon-Ham Kenshi Sugiya Infielder on the 2nd at the enemy land MetLife Dome , Eat the customary "Sugiya Ijiri"
◆ Pacific League Seibu 4-0 Nippon-Ham (MetLife Dome on the 2nd) Nippon-Ham was shut out with only two hits in front of the Seibu pitchers, and was shut out for the sixth time this season. With this, the climax series (CS) advancement where the second place or higher can advance