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Commuters on multiple train lines into the city are warned to prepare for major delays.
V / Line's board fired former CEO James Pinder and terminated his contract with cleaning contractor Transclean after an IBAC investigation learned Melbourne trains were not being cleaned correctly at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic
Metro Trains Fleet Manager Peter Bollas is surprised by a phone jack telling a cleaning company that he would 'cover' for them, after it emerged that they had failed to water a Melbourne train at the start of the state's first wave of coronavirus
Claims by former V / Line boss James Pinder that the money he pocketed from the rail operator's cleaning contractor was the proceeds of a gambling syndicate have been brought to light. doubt by new evidence presented during an anti-corruption investigation
The boss of the V / Line cleaning company withdrew thousands of dollars in cash before meeting the former managing director of the rail operator, James Pinder, at locations around Melbourne
Former V / Line boss James Pinder told cleaning contractor pandemic presented financial 'opportunity', phone calls revealed in anti-corruption hearings