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With a critical 3,189 votes, Toulme defeated John Cote, who had 2,316 votes, and Nancy Nash, who had garnered 287 votes, to keep his seat in the council chambers, according to the Municipal Elections website for the city of Moose Jaw
Five books honored in first virtual Geller prize ceremony of $ 100,000
John Jocelyn talks about his separate relationship with six of his children in a preview of his interview with Dr. Oz and Jocelyn said that two years since he spoke with Cara, Maddie, Lea, Alexis, Joel and Aden In addition, he said that the children who live with their mother Kate Jocelyn also
Sofankham Thamafungsa won the Scotiabank Giller Prize, Canada's highest literature prize, for her short story collection "How To Pronounce Knife."