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Voici ce que les Républicains de 2024 ont dit à propos de l’inculpation de Trump.

The field of declared and prospective 2024 Republican presidential candidates on Thursday decried the indictment of former President Donald Trump on criminal charges...

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CM – « Aujourd’hui est le jour » : comment l’ancien secrétaire d’État américain Mike Pompeo a perdu 40 kg en 6 mois

L'ancien secrétaire d'État américain Mike Pompeo a surpris les téléspectateurs de Fox News, où il est actuellement contributeur, car il a perdu 40...

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CM – Murderous fantasies

IF THERE was any reason to stop a charade of legal proceedings, then the trial against Julian Assange would have to be the...

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CM – Larry David confronts Alan Dershowitz in a heated encounter at Martha’s Vineyard grocery store

Imitating life “Curb Your Enthusiasm”? Comedy mogul Larry David and attorney Alan Dershowitz allegedly argued over politics at a Martha’s Vineyard grocery store...

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CM – Newlyweds Imprisoned as Husbands by the Chinese Government – CNN Video

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World news – CPAC 2021 Full Speaker Schedule: Trump to Mike Pompeo, here are all the biggies coming to the event

The conference ends on Sunday, February 28, with Donald Trump's first public speech since leaving office