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It doesn’t matter what your thoughts are on the artist’s latest relationship, writes Olivia Petter – we should not be talking about women this way in 2023
Based on Priscilla Presley’s memoir, the film shows how a naive schoolgirl became trapped behind the gates of Graceland in a bizarrely co-dependent relationship
Don Lemon’s ugly rift with CNN boss Chris Licht began on the first day of his ill-fated stint as host of “CNN This Morning” — and the problem was Lemon’s bizarre outfi…
Mr. Carlson has been one of the network's top-rated hosts for many years.
It’s not just Don Lemon. When it comes to women in leadership roles, the discourse is broken.
Ce lundi 27 mars sur le plateau de TPMP, Cyril Hanouna n'a pas hésité à critiquer ouvertement Quotidien après une chronique polémique sur les influenceuses Polska et Tootatis.
The Irish TikTok creators mocked George Nkencho and celebrated racist reactions to his death.