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. . The latest study published by AMA COVID 19 Outbreak Global Research Market with 100 pages of business strategy analysis that has been taken up by key and emerging players in the industry and provides know-how about the current market . . .
. The locations on the Discovery Islands include Mowi, Cermaq, Grieg, and two unnamed smaller companies. According to DFO, this is the "traditional territory of several First Nations groups".
. . The federal government has announced that it is phasing out fish farms along a major wild salmon migration route in British Columbia's waters within the next 18 months. Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan says 19 . . .
. . The Canadian government will phase out 19 fish farms on the Discovery Islands off Canada's west coast in order to stem the decade-long decline in wild salmon fish stocks. Wild salmon come in from the Pacific Ocean and pass through the waters around the Discovery Islands
. . The Federal Minister of Fisheries said 19 fish farms around the Discovery Islands near Campbell River, B. . C, no licenses will be issued after 2022.