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Up to 30,000 Australian families with no internet access will be able to get free broadband for one year through a Labor initiative in the next election.
. . Aussie Broadband has a flash deal on NBN 1000 and NBN 250 plans, but those only last until midnight tonight.
Telstra has revealed plans to split into three separate business units in a radical restructuring that paves the way for the nation's largest telecom company to dismantle its infrastructure assets.
NBN Co will offer heavily discounted Internet packages with the aim of developing its customer base and increasing future revenues
Millions of Australians are set to get access to ultra-fast broadband under a $3.5 billion upgrade to the NBN, expected to be finished by 2023.
A new fibre rollout is tipped to create 25,000 jobs and start within months, with two million eligible premises able to demand fibre-to-the-home.