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Des vents forts emportent des meubles d’extérieur dans la piscine d’un complexe hôtelier en Alabama.

Strong winds blew outdoor furniture into a pool at a resort on Alabama’s Gulf Coast as severe thunderstorms continued in the region on...

Actualité internationale

CM – A snake in the pool of fortune

Electric rental cars are here! What will the result of Tesla’s Hertz & partnership be? I paid $ 6,000 for Tesla FSD &...

Actualité internationale

CM – Andrew Forrest slams MPs for « scare tactics » from zero

Mining tycoon Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest says that emissions reduction targets of between 40 and 50 percent are "absolutely necessary" for Australia, but the...

Actualité internationale

World news – The founder of Oath Keepers led the Capitol rioters on Jan. 6, the Justice Department says

The founder of the right-wing paramilitary group The Oath Guard gave instructions to extremists before and during the Capitol riot, the DOJ says...