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Des vents violents et de fortes pluies ainsi que des vagues allant jusqu'à 12 mètres de haut sont annoncés sur l'archipel d'Okinawa mardi.
FIBA – Comme attendu, Lauri Markkanen disputera la Coupe du monde cet été, alors que son nom figure dans la pré-sélection finlandaise de 22 joueurs.
As if the country isn’t involved in enough territorial disputes
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The Okinawa Prefectural Community Health Division announced on the 12th that the number of patients with "RS virus infection" that causes pneumonia in infants is increasing, and is calling attention to the spread of infection especially in homes with infants and nursery schools. .. According to the prefecture, October 26-11
The 100th National High School Rugby Football Tournament Okinawa Prefectural Qualifier (sponsored by the Prefectural High School Rugby Union, Prefectural Board of Education) had a final at the Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park Kicking Stadium on the 6th, and Nago defeated Yomitan 21-19 for 3 years. He won the 19th consecutive victory.ja
Shurijo Castle, Naha, Shuri, Okinawa World news --JP --Shurijo Castle Reconstruction wishes at most, the youth association practiced for the first time in 3 years | Okinawa Times + Plus News | Okinawa Times...