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L'équipe tchèque n'a "absolument aucune animosité" suite à la suspension de son défenseur Ondrej Kudela après un match de Ligue Europa.
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Kudela took his hand when he made the remark to Finnish player Kamara at the end of a Europa League round of 16 on March 18 at Ibrox.
Football associations UEFA and FIFA have closed previous disciplinary proceedings when players claimed they had been racially abused by an opponent by citing lack of evidence to support their allegations.
Glen Kamara could face a five-game ban after UEFA opened disciplinary proceedings against the Rangers midfielder and Slavia Prague player on charges of racism.
GLASGOW: Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara have accused Slavia Prague of "deliberate and willful" racial abuse and dismissed defender Ondřej Kudela's disapproval as an "outright lie". Kamara issued a statement after UEFA announced it would investigate incidents from the Europa League game between Rangers and Slavia on Thursday. The Czech team want the Scottish Police to investigate a suspected physical attack on Kudela after the game. Late in Slavia's 2-0 win, Kudela covered his mouth with both hands and said something in Kamara’s ear during a break in the game.