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. . Parts of northeastern South Carolina are under a tornado clock for much of Christmas Eve night. Thunderstorms are forming off the main line, according to chief meteorologist Dave Williams. These developing thunderstorms can become severe as they lift north towards Pee Dee and Grand Strand. Most of the rain is likely to arrive in the late afternoon and early evening, possibly accompanied by gusts of wind up to 40 mph.
. . gene. . Glen VanHerck tells CNN's Pamela Brown how Santa and his elves made adjustments to travel safely and deliver gifts amid the coronavirus pandemic.
. . For the counties of Georgetown and Williamsburg was until 22. A tornado clock was issued at midnight. m.
How did an incorrectly dialed phone number lead to a holiday tradition?
. . WASHINGTON (AP) - Children of the world can just rest. The global pandemic won't stop. . .