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Stokes and Archer were the heroes of England's 50-over World Cup victory in 2019, and experts believe their absence will hurt the team's prospects in the UAE.
"I am deeply disappointed with England's withdrawal, but it was expected because unfortunately this western bloc is uniting and trying to support each other," Ramiz said in a video message.
The Pakistan Cricket Board declined to comment on the reasons why Khan went to England to play a limited series just days before the national team left.
Following MLB's decision to move the Georgia All-Star game in 2021, Keith Olbermann called for a boycott of the Masters.
Campers along the southeast Queensland coast are now being warned to stay there and the move time has expired as the office issues a new severe weather warning. The Bureau of Meteorology warned that heavy rainfall between 120 and...
Patricio Freire's devastating power has left opponents sleeping on his altercation, but you need to protect your neck from the fearsome featherweight champion.
Before that, Shaheen Afridi had won 3-14 and Rashid didn't give a limit in his impressive PSL debut numbers of 0-14.