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. . ISLAMABAD (AP) - A roadside bomb exploded near a police station in the Pakistani garrison town of Rawalpindi on Sunday, injuring at least 23 people, police said. Police originally said a hand grenade was thrown near a water filtration facility across from the police station, but a senior Rawalpindi police officer Ahsan Younas later confirmed that the explosion came from a roadside device. According to police, three of the victims received deep wounds while others received medical attention and were discharged from the hospital. Nobody immediately took responsibility for the explosion. The headquarters of the Pakistani military and the offices of the country's espionage agencies are located in Rawalpindi, about 15 kilometers south of the capital Islamabad. A similar roadside bombing hit Rawalpindi earlier this month, killing one person and wounding seven others near a busy bus terminal. In June, a roadside bomb went off in a crowded city bazaar, killing one and wounding 15. Pakistan has seen numerous militant attacks on security forces and other targets in recent years. In October, a powerful bomb explosion killed at least eight students and wounded 136 others in an Islamic seminary on the outskirts of the northwestern city of Peshawar.
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