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. . Warehouses and buildings along Endeavor Way near 66. Roads in Pinellas Park were severely damaged after a tornado pierced a two-mile stretch of Pinellas County early Wednesday evening.
. . The tornado damaged Mid-Pinellas County and moved over Tampa Bay and over the bridge. Then it got weaker? but reformed across Polk County.
. . A tornado in Florida triggered warnings in several counties and caused power outages and damage to buildings in a city on Wednesday. The National Weather Service said: "Confirmed big and extreme ...
. . Trees were felled and buildings destroyed in a potential tornado in the Tampa Bay area on Wednesday. - Articles from the weather channel | Weather. com
. . A tornado was confirmed near Tampa, Florida on Wednesday afternoon. The storm hit Pinellas County, likely as a gargoyle moving ashore and as a
. . Buildings were damaged in a possible tornado in the Tampa Bay area. - Articles from the weather channel | Weather. com