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A murder suspect has escaped from a hospital in Washington DC and a large-scale police investigation has been launched.
There was a large police presence near 164 and Green Road in Pewaukee Saturday, and a shelter-in-place order has been issued. Details as to what's going on are limited.
Some Calgarians were drenched in the rain as a sudden, severe thunderstorm hit the city around suppertime on Thursday.
Under a barrage of criticism, the Dodgers rescinded an invitation to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, before later reinviting the satirical LGBTQ+ group.
Shortly before 10 p.m., an alert from the university initially said there was a report of an active shooter.
Plano police are responding to what the department described as a potential case of “swatting” at Collin College Thursday morning.
DEVELOPING: Rockford Police tweeted that there is a large police presence at East High School for reports of a shooting.