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Un personnage du film d'animation Disney / Pixar "Ratatouille", qui sera diffusé sur M6 ce jeudi soir, s'inspire de l'un des membres actuels du jury du Top Chef Show.
. . When Broadway producer Greg Nobile heard Gayle King sing the words "Ode To Remy" on the Morning Show a few weeks ago, he knew that some sort of jump had been made. "I thought that t ...
Tituss Burgess, Adam Lambert, Wayne Brady, Andre De Sheilds, and Ashley Park are among the cast in crowdsourced music production
. . Le projet insolite va devenir réalité le 1er janvier avec la Participation de professionnels de Broadway.
. . The internet has done some beautiful and bizarre things this year, especially as [. . . ]]
. . The TikTok phenomenon "Ratatouille: The Musical" - the "Ratatousical" if you will - is finally moving into the spotlight on Broadway. The viral collaborative music production has been taken over by TikTok and is now being brought together in a special one-time streaming event for The Actors Fund. Playbill, presented by Seaview Productions, described the event as a “filmed concert presentation. ”
. More than 200 million TikTok users can sum up a selection of Ratatouille: The Musical, a statistic that is even more impressive when you consider that Ratatouille really doesn't exist . . .