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Police say crash may have been intentional, and driver was arrested for reckless driving and could face other charges
L'entraîneur des Spurs Gregg Popovich a été impressionné par la confiance accrue de Devin Vassell...
. . UTSA will attempt to bounce back from an embarrassing loss to UTRGV with a shock against the Sooners.
McALLEN, Texas (AP) - Texans have already voted more in the presidential election
Sen Kamala Harris, the first black and Asian American woman to be a US running mate on a major party ticket, is known as a skilled debater with the tenacity of a former prosecutor
As the first South Asian Miss America, I have been called a "terrorist" and "Miss 7-11" so I can relate to Kamala Harris, who is constantly vilified by Republicans.
Emhoff is a lawyer, father, Instagram fanatic husband and number one Kamala Harris fan