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She may have played queen, but Olivia Colman thinks it's "bizarre" that the monarch is still Australia's head of state.
The Spanish team has gone through a lot of changes and lacks the real quality and depth to challenge them to win the European Championship
Earlier this month, IBM unveiled some of its work to advance its goals in creating a 1,000 qubit quantum computer. Among the work in the quantum computer field that IBM is unveiling is a new technique...
. . Researchers at the Australian National University, RMIT University, University of Sydney, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory say that both lonsdaleite and regular diamonds can form at room temperature if only high pressures are applied.
. . Natural diamonds only form deep in the earth under intense heat and pressure. However, researchers say they developed a way to make diamonds at room temperature.
. . PhD candidate Brenton Cook and Professor Dougal McCulloch at the RMIT Microscopy and Microscopy Facility . . .