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Par Arul Louis New York, 2 novembre (SocialNews.XYZ) Dirigé par l'influent sénateur Ted Cruz, un trio de républicains a présenté une législation pour exempter l'Inde et d'autres membres du Quad des sanctions, avertissant que prendre... - Social News XYZ
India will receive the first batch of the advanced surface-to-air missile system S-400 from Russia from October to December this year, a top official at Russian state arms exporter Rosoboronexport said Thursday.
Hideaki Anno (Evangelion, Shin Godzilla) released the scripts and remix of Shin Kamen Rider and did not release the live action in March 2023. L'événement Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary Project Unveiling, qui vient, comme vous vous en doutez...
. . Get Tayyip Erdogan a lively criticism of the decision on the decision on the sanctions against the acquisition of the S-400 Russians. Il évoque une "attaque ouverte" against la souveraineté d'Ankara
. . ISTANBUL (AP) - A U.S.-sanctioned Turkish defense official said Tuesday that despite the Trump administration's decision to definitively punish Turkey for buying a Russian air defense system, bilateral relations will not be compromised as senior officials continue to move condemned. Ismail Demir, the head of the Turkish procurement agency, stressed that Turkey and the US. S.. . are NATO allies who will continue to work together. He also argued that the sanctions could serve as a "warning" for Turkey's local defense industry to continue and accelerate its work. "This is an opportunity that should be evaluated on its own terms and I think we don't expect it to materially affect the relationship," Demir told journalists. The Turkish Foreign Ministry said Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu had spoken to his U.. S.. . Counterpart Mike Pompeo on Tuesday and passed on Turkey's "reactions" to the sanctions. Monday's sanctions are part of a U. . S.. . Law called CAATSA, which aims to reduce Russian influence. They are aimed at the Turkish Defense Industry Presidency, Demir, and three other senior officials. The penalties block any assets the four officers in U could have. S.. . Jurisdictions and block their entry into the U. . S.. . This also includes a ban on most export licenses, credits and credits to the agency. The move marks the first time CAATSA has been used to punish a U.. S.. . Allies. The Turkish Defense Minister condemned the sanctions, saying the decision "shook all the values ​​of our alliance. "It is clear that sanctioning a NATO member will not only damage the spirit of the alliance but will also shake the confidence of the allies profoundly," said Hulusi Akar, adding that Turkey has serious security concerns and is taking all steps going to protect their alliance citizens. Ankara. . .
La Turquie a rejeté samedi les critiques de Washington selon lesquelles son nouveau système de défense aérienne S-400 acheté à la Russie est incompatible avec ses engagements envers la NATO