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CA forecast for Thursday, December 30, 2021
Formula 1 teams do not have to adhere to a curfew on Thursday evening and can have their cars inspected on Friday morning due to freight delays at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix. The majority of...
#NoComment : Un artiste brésilien crée une fresque géante à partir des cendres de la forêt amazonienne pour attirer l'attention sur le réchauffement climatique et la destruction de la forêt
Brazilian soccer legend Pele was discharged from hospital Thursday after surgery to remove a tumor from his colon.
The number of coronavirus deaths in Brazil has surpassed half a million as experts warn the outbreak there could worsen due to delayed vaccinations and government failure.
April 2, 2021 Brazil yesterday reported the highest daily number of Covid-19 fatalities with 3,869 fatalities Ref: https://www.irishtimes.com
Conjunctions occur when one planet's orbit around the sun aligns with that of another planet, making them appear as if they are orbiting in close proximity when viewed from Earth.
Indonesian rescuers searched for survivors Thursday after an illegal gold mine collapsed and at least three people were killed. More are said to be buried under the rubble. A landslide on Wednesday evening buried the remote...