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. . After a competition that saw Charlie Clark face a tough competitor at the head of a well-stocked political machine and an unexpected entry into the race by a familiar competitor, he will return to City Hall to serve a second term as mayor..
. . Vietnam was preparing to make landfall in the central coast of the country early Sunday, with the death toll in the Philippines rising to 53 of the bloodiest storm in that country this year.. .
. . Charlie Clark defeated five other competitors in the postponed municipal elections in Saskatoon.
The government of Saskatchewan claims municipalities and school departments can now postpone their elections, if needed, due to a record-breaking setting.
November 9, 2020 - During the last election campaign, NDP candidates said rents would be frozen until the end of 2021
REGINA - After a major snowstorm blocked highways, blew up roads, caused blackouts, and shut down much of Central Saskatchewan in a snowfall, the provincial government allowed
Tous les États n'ont pas signalé un gagnant: l'Amérique a célébré la fin de son cre d'élection présidentielle de 2020 au cours du week-end après que Joe
A flydubai plane carrying Israeli tourists landed in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday at Dubai International Airport "There is no doubt that normalization between Israel and the UAE will bring good and benefit," said Hussein Suleiman, head of the Arab businessmen delegation on board.