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Faslty's annual forecast scaled back as Q3 2020 revised down Don't react, but respond to this sale
PDT is a long-standing closed-end fund with an excellent track record Recent returns have been erratic
GreenPower Motor (GP 42%) signed a formal concession agreement with ABC Bus, covering New York State, providing 100 vehicles to be purchased by the latter over the next 3 years, including the purchase of two EV Stars in a monthQuick overview of the &amp market; trends: GreenPower and ABC are poised to capitalize on various funding programs across the state including the NYSERDA Clean Truck Program and the New York & # 34 Coupon Incentive Program; We are excited to start with the first deliveries from this year and expect to accelerate thereafter in early 2021, & # 34; President Brendan Riley commented
SPI Energy (SPI, +1,970%) is going from fairly anonymous dollar stock to the focus of much of Wall Street as it rockets higher, currently in the lower $20s.SPI announced it is launching an EV subsidiary.Shares shot up to nearly $47 before falling back somewhat, but are still in the stratosphere for company that received a Nasdaq deficiency letter in May.The stock has been under $2 for almost all of the year, struggling to stay above $1 from March to July.For those thinking short squeeze, it's unlikely.
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