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Washington State experienced a magnitude 4.3 earthquake on Sunday evening.
An earthquake has rocked Northern California including Sacramento, Chico, and Prattsville - the 5.3 magnitude quake comes just hours after another tremor measuring 5.5 shook the area, one of the BIGGEST in recent memory, according to local professors
A 5.5 magnitude earthquake hit Chico at 4:20 p.m. Thursday, May 11. The earthquake originated in Lake Almanor.  California Highway Patrol Yuba-Sutter tweeted that the earthquake “caused a disruption in CHP Chico Dispatch cell phone 911 lines,” and said the lines were down. If you cannot get through a 911 line, call 530-332-1200 to report...
Did you get an earthquake early warning alert on your smartphone for an earthquake near Palomar Observatory seconds after 6:16 p.m. on March 31? The quake shook parts of San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties. The alert delivered in Spanish and English said, “Earthquake Detected: Drop, Cover, and Hold On.”