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Authorities from multiple agencies are looking for a person who may have been attacked by a shark near the coast of Point Reyes Sunday.
This is the incredible moment divers captured an extremely rare moment with a giant fish which is believed to predict earthquakes off the coast of Taiwan.
Les images monstrueuses d’un requin dévorant un baigneur en Égypte ont récemment fait le tour de la toile et mis en évidence, une fois encore, la vulnérabilité de l’Homme face au prédateur marin.
Coastline to remain off limits with a ban on swimming, snorkelling and other water sports activities until Sunday.
A Russian man was killed on Thursday when a shark attacked him off the coast of Egypt's Red Sea resort city of Hurghada, authorities said.
“It’s eating his remains now,” one witness could be heard saying as the shark pulled the man underwater.