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Once again, there is talk of a rising NBA superstar having to leave a small market. Here's why that is bad for everyone involved.
Humanitarian aid is being delivered to the region, including drinking water and food supplies.View on euronews
A storm chaser based in Texas had an illuminating experience on April 3, as he filmed a beautiful lightning storm that swept through the north-central part of the state.Timelapse footage by Chad Casey shows lightning flashing in a large cloud formation, southeast of Glen Rose. Casey told Storyful, “It was amazing watching the storm pull away, with clear skies and stars surrounding [it.]”Hail, damaging winds, and isolated tornadoes were a threat in the southeast of the state on Monday, according to media updates, with the National Weather Service (NWS) issuing a severe thunderstorm warning.The NWS also warned that severe storms were to be expected again on Tuesday and Tuesday night, and urged residents to have multiple ways to receive weather updates. Credit: Chad Casey via Storyful