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. . SACRAMENTO, California. (AP) - Two firefighters were badly burned trying to sit down. . .
SOURCE: https://www.w24news.com/news/world-news-california-her-habitat-in-southwest-calgary-was-severely-damaged-after-a-fire/?remotepost=556180
Melfort - After a month-long campaign and four days of voting, Melfort elected a new mayor by a very narrow margin according to the unofficial count, former city councilor Glenn George
Two Orange County firefighters were seriously injured in a rapid forest fire in the Santiago Canyon near Irvine as more than 60,000 people were forced to evacuate
The blaze is fueled by high winds from Santa Ana and spanned more than 7,000 acres in just hours
LOS ANGELES - Two wildfires that spread rapidly resulted in the evacuation of 92,000 homes in two towns in upscale neighborhoods in Orange County, Southern California, according to fire officials said Monday More than 500 firefighters...
Two firefighters sustained serious injuries Monday as they battled a fast-growing wildfire in Southern California
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