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Unconfirmed reports of wounded as dozens are still hiding from terrorists and evacuated by jeep to Ofakim; parents unable to contact children advised not to approach area
Nepal's famed Gurkha soldiers fought in the Indian army for decades - but a new hiring plan threatens that.
The president has been detained and troops now say they are closing the country's borders.
Rostov Oblast Governor Vasily Golubev asked residents to stay calm and remain at home as reports emerged of soldiers and military vehicles on the streets of the southern Russian city of Rostov and the takeover of administrative buildings in Rostov by unidentified men.
With our Roblox Toy SoldierZ codes guide you can get in-game goodies such as points and paper to help you defend your virtual base.
It comes more than three weeks after their plane crashed in the Colombian jungle, killing all adults on board.
Yesterday, over 200 people sent me the story about 24 year old Miles Routledge, youtube “danger vlogger”, who is being held captive by the Taliban.I sincerely hope he's okay. I know how scary being he...
A Guinean military officer aired a statement on Sunday announcing that the Guinean Constitution had been dissolved by what appears to be a coup.