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A home camera system in Springfield, Virginia captured a sonic boom heard across Washington, D.C., northern Virginia and portions of Maryland on June 4 at about 3:15 p.m.
The jets were reportedly pursuing a private Cessna aircraft that had violated DC airspace before crashing in south-west Virginia
The Federal Aviation Administration said a Cessna aircraft crashed into mountainous terrain in southwest Virginia.
Air defence drills conducted in the skies over Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia caused a huge sonic boom, with terrified residents reporting the sound of a huge explosion
'Explosion' is heard in DC that shakes the ground and is compared to 'earthquake' online (there is no suggestion the Capitol Building was involved)
L'État et les agences locales enquêtent après que les résidents ont inondé les postes de police locaux d'appels au sujet d'un « boumâ » bruyant ???? qui a secoué les communautés du centre de l'Illinois SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- Les agences...
Les habitants de Concho Valley pourraient voir une boule de feu dans le ciel du sud-est et éventuellement entendre un bang sonique lundi soir vers 21h30.
La mission Crew-2 de SpaceX revient sur Terre, ce qui signifie que le sud du Mississippi pourrait entendre des bruits ou voir une boule de feu dans le ciel lundi.
At around 11:30 am Monday, a loud bang and thump rocked the KTTS studios in West Springfield. There are reports that a new plane flying over Marshfield was testing some new equipment and breaking the sound barrier...