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La visite du vice-président américain Kamala Harris en Asie du Sud-Est à la fin du mois souligne l'importance du bloc de 10 membres pour la stratégie de politique étrangère américaine sous la présidence de Joe Biden.
An international study found that more than 20,000 years ago a coronavirus epidemic broke out in the region of East Asia, the traces of which can be seen in the genetic makeup of the people from this region.
JAKARTA (May 31): The number of coronavirus cases in Southeast Asian countries exceeded four million, according to official figures, including 78,515 deaths and more than 3.6 million recoveries.
. By Nilanjan Ghosh * On 15. November 2020, 15 nations (the 10 ASEAN countries, Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea) signed the Regional
If the Indo-Pacific is indeed the theatre of the ‘new great game’, then Southeast and East Asia are at the heart of iten
Tokyo leading Southeast Asia on a steady course when it comes to Chinaen
Authorities evacuate nearly one million people in southern part of Philippines' main island, Luzon, as Category 5 storm - the world's strongest this year - hits land
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