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Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, who was in the UK for G7 meetings, said Wednesday he would hold his talks virtually after exposure to possible coronavirus cases.
Four astronauts left the International Space Station on Saturday aboard a SpaceX ship after more than 160 days in space, culminating in a landing off the coast of Florida.
The second stage rocket was briefly mistaken for an airplane and "alien" by some viewers.
A Japanese billionaire is looking for 8 members of the public to join him on a mission to orbit the moon.
The DearMoon project is the first civilian mission to the moon to take place in 2023. The mission will use a SpaceX-developed rocket for the week-long trip to the moon and back. Back in 2018, a Japanese...
A prototype of a SpaceX rocket the company hopes will one day crash to Mars in a fiery explosion when attempting to land upright after a test flight Tuesday.
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