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The most powerful rocket ever built got off the launchpad in South Texas, but did not achieve its most ambitious goals on Thursday.
SpaceX has been successfully launching and landing rockets for half a decade, but its famous Falcon 9 is just a stepping stone into its grand plans. Elon Musk's company wants to make space travel to the moon...
. . Update: SpaceX withdrew from its test flight on Tuesday after the Starship prototype's Raptor engines canceled just 1 launch. 3 seconds before take off.
. . Elon Musk's SpaceX was scheduled to launch a prototype of its Starship Mars rocket in its high-altitude "hop" test Tuesday from the space company's facilities in Texas. This is a key attempt at a missile system that Musk hopes will land humans on the moon and eventually Mars. Musk attempted to lower expectations for Starship's first suborbital flight using three of its new Raptor rocket engines, and forecast a 30% chance of success if it reached an altitude of more than 40. 000 feet.
. . Most recently, SpaceX conducted its third standard shooting test of the prototype SN8 spacecraft. The test saw fuel while the missile was about to launch, and
. . Recently, SpaceX performed its third steady-fire test on the model SN8 spacecraft. The test watched the missile fill up with fuel as if it was about to launch, and then the engines fired for a few seconds . . .