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In a statement given to ET, Dr. Daniel Barrett claims he received a cease-and-desist letter from the couple.
Amazon says any possible deal to support HBO Max on its devices would hinge on access through Prime Video Channels.
NVIDIA today announced a new publisher opt-in policy for GeForce Now that should hopefully mean a more stable library.
We Are One brings festival favorites to YouTube and Lisa Bryant brings the serial abuser's many accusers to Netflix.
US stock markets are gearing up for a strong start to the week as further lockdown easing and some more promising vaccine news lifted sentiment after the bank holiday weekend. Investors have come back to their desks in high spirits following the long sunny bank holiday weekend (here in the UK, anyway) with news of […]
PC players can finally rejoice now that the official PC launch date for Phantasy Star Online 2 has arrived. Later today, SEGA's Japanese MMORPG will be launching on the Microsoft Store as a free-to-play title
The former bandmates had a volatile romantic relationship that dates back to the 1970s and produced some of the group's best-known songs.
The singers, one an icon in the making, the other a legend in her own right, have formed a sweet mutual admiration society through the years
An article about the 'SNL' sketch where Lucy Lawless starred as Stevie Nicks was published in May 2020.
Parts of southwestern Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina prepare for the arrival of millions of cicadas, which usually appear every 17 years and cause a chilling noise. “Communities and farms with large numbers of cicadas coming out at once can have a substantial noise problem,” Eric Day, a technician with the Virginia entomology department, …

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Former NBA star Stephen Jackson mourns ‘brother’ George Floyd killed by Minneapolis police –...

NBA star Stephen Jackson says he's angry but wants to see justice done in the killing of his friend, George Floyd who was killed by police in Minneapolis.

Myticisme: auparavant sorcier, un pasteur raconte comment tuer quelqu’un dans la sorcellerie voici les...

Bien évidemment, il ne s’agit ici que de l’une des multiples méthodes utilisées par les ténébreux. Elle est extraite du témoignage d’un ex sataniste, aujourd’hui...

People: la frappe de drague du congolais Innoss’B à Daphné enflamme la toile

Après une jolie photo de notre Daphné national, le chanteur congolais lui a écrit une petite phrase en commentaire un genre. Les Camers sont...

China is preparing for WAR – Xi Jinping in terrifying alert after global backlash

CHINA'S leader Xi Jinping says the country is stepping up preparedness for military combat, in what will be seen as a chilling warning to the globe.

Sofia Vergara and Niece Claudia Pose Together While Attending Zoom Wedding

Sofia Vergara and her niece Claudia Vergara have been making headlines during the coronavirus [...]