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Entreprise pionnière de l'électronique au Brésil, SEMP TCL s'associe à Roku <> la plate-forme de streaming TV n°1 aux États-Unis
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With the attention paid to foldable phones and smartwatches, one might almost think that smart glasses are dead. Ultimately, most companies have either withdrawn from this niche market or geared their products towards niche customers such as...
On November 10th, Plus Style launched the exclusive pre-sale of the new SIM-free smartphone product "TCL105G". A SIM-free smartphone that realizes a low price of 39,800 yen (tax included) while supporting 5G. same
Plus Style, which operates the IoT product mail order site "+ Style", announced on November 10 that it will expand the products it handles for SIM-free smartphones and exclusively pre-sale the 5G compatible smartphone "TCL105G" of China TCL. Price
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