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"The Iran-backed Shiite organization continues to carry out terrorist attacks, support terrorist organizations and pose a real threat to Australia."
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Australia on Wednesday classified the whole of Hezbollah as a "terrorist organization" and extended an existing ban on armed forces to the entire organization that controls much of Lebanon.
The word can be traced back to Latin for a punch - rather than appropriate because Trump's actions have been a blow to democracy
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. . Kathy Wilcox says the year of wildfires, the Coronavirus, and global politics demands a balance between mocking the absurd and illuminating the ugly..
. . After a very bad week for the former famous chef, Pete Evans is now claiming to be leaving Facebook, leaving his first account.. 5 million fans.
. . An Australian man who planned a "Muslim and brutal" terrorist act in Melbourne, Friday, was sentenced to 12 years in prison. .
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