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. . More than 64. 800 Victorian students receive their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). . . .
. . After a final year punctuated by bushfires and the coronavirus pandemic, Victorian school leavers have received their final VCE results.
. . Victorian students will be offered counseling and support from psychologists this morning after their ATAR results are released. More than 50. 000 VCE and 14. 000 VCAL students who were forced to ...
. . Waiting for more than 46. 000 VCE graduates in Victoria who can now find out their four-digit ATAR rank is finally over.
. . Three people are still hospitalized after a fatal road accident near Namaw along the Nabawalu Highway around 6 pm yesterday..
Access to high quality education is critical not only to individual success, but also to local economies and to Canada as a whole. That is why the Government of Canada