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On the 11th, the comic book combination "Shimofuri Myojo" will appear on the TV Asahi talk show "Tetsuko's Room". In the middle of the program, Shimofuri Myojo performed a mimicry of Tetsuya Takeda of "Kinpachi sensei, 3rd grade B" at the request of Kuroyanagi, but Kuroyanagi smiled bitterly. Next, Masakazu Tamura performed a copy of Furuhata Ninzaburo dressed as a man.
The comedy duo Shimofuri Myojo will make his first appearance on the TV Asahi talk show "Tetsuko's Room" (every Monday to Friday from 13:00), which will be broadcast today.ja
Fumito Kawai, ABCZ, Tetsuko's Room, Ryôichi Tsukada, Johnny & Associates, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, Nippon TV World news --JP --Chidori, a big fir over horse racing and boat racing !? Voice of "It's too funny" ...
ABC-Z Fumito Kawai and Ryoichi Tsukada will appear on Tetsuko Kuroyanagi's crown program "Tetsuko's Room" (TV Asahi, every Monday-Friday 13: 00-), which was broadcast on November 5. There was one act in which Kawai showed off his favorite Johnny's impersonator.
In "Tetsuko's Room" on Thursday, November 5th, ABC-Z Fumito Kawai and Ryoichi Tsukada will appear. The guest this time is Group A, who is said to have good Johnny's "Ichi" motor nerves.BKawai and Tsukada of C-Z. Now it's time to rose besides performance
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