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Neymar looked menacing in the opener and his downs to the left could put Peru in a tough spot.Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino scored a brace against Bolivia, who must have done good for their confidence given that he hardly scored for the English champions late
Posted: 2:00 PM EDT October 3, 2020 | Updated: 6:49 p.m. EDT, October 3, 2020 Is it too early to call up Carlo Ancelotti's Everton title contenders? It's not just the record that impresses, seven out...
CJ McCollum did not miss his chance to troll Paul George and the Clippers after the LA team bowed out of the playoffs unceremoniously.
LeBron James needs to “step up to the plate”, says LA County Sheriff, as he requests James to put up money to find the Deputy Officers’ shooter.