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. . A spokesman for Frenchman Vince Rivette, part of the "Getman" team that conducted pioneering acrobatics over Dubai using jet bags and carbon-fiber wings, was killed in a training accident on Tuesday.. .
. . A person was killed after a house fire in North York. Fire crews were called to the residence on Norton Street near Yonge Street and Finch Avenue East after 5 a.m.. M. Tuesday. Fire officials said that a body was found on the second floor of the house. The cause of the fire is not . . .
. . A person was killed after a fire broke out in a house in the Willodale area of ​​Toronto early Tuesday morning.
. . Emergency crews were called to Norton Street, south of Willowdale and Finch Streets at around 5:15 am. M. Tuesday due to reports of a house fire.