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A weather enthusiast recording the severe conditions outside his home in Waco, Texas, was startled when a bolt of lightning struck nearby on Saturday, June 16.Austyn Ferrell, who recorded this video, told Storyful that while the moment caught him off guard, “it was honestly the best footage I’ve done.”“I grew up loving thunderstorms and learning more about them,” Ferrell said.The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the area on Saturday, forecasting winds of up to 60 mph and ping pong ball sized hail.On Saturday, the NWS said there was still a possibility of severe storms developing in the area, adding that “large hail and damaging winds remain the greatest threat.” Credit: Austyn Ferrell via Storyful
An earthquake has rocked Northern California including Sacramento, Chico, and Prattsville - the 5.3 magnitude quake comes just hours after another tremor measuring 5.5 shook the area, one of the BIGGEST in recent memory, according to local professors