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Ce jeudi 3 août, vers 5 h du matin, un important incendie a touché le camping les fleurs de Camargue à Saint-Laurent d’Aigouze.
Video shows a massive concrete slab covering an entire section of the northbound lanes on Interstate 95.
Two cars went up in flames after an accident on the Mitchell Freeway, one driver was rushed to the hospital and the other first fled the scene before throwing himself up to police.
La police de l’État de l’Idaho a déclaré qu’un accident sur l’autoroute à Boise avait interrompu les deux sens de déplacement mardi matin.
Details of the tense moments during a fire that engulfed Jessica Rowe's car with the TV star and her daughter inside have emerged.
Jess Rowe speaks up after daughter Allegra thanks an amazing hero for his help in a terrible car accident.